Binyamin Cooper

Binyamin Cooper

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University


I am an organizational behavior researcher, and currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business. My research explores positive and negative interpersonal communication behaviors, and factors which may modify their impact on individuals and groups in organizations. More specifically, my research focuses on the consequences of various forms of workplace mistreatment (e.g., incivility, micro-aggressions, and discrimination), resilience at both the individual and team level (exploring why certain individuals and teams are more or less impacted by adversity, and enhancing positive adaptability to challenges at work), and the characteristics of and barriers to honesty in the workplace.

My work has been published in Management journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, and in Medical journals such as Pediatrics and Diagnosis.

Prior to starting my Ph.D., I worked as an organizational consultant for two years in Israel serving clients in the high-tech, healthcare, auto and financial industries.

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Workplace mistreatment
  • Resilience
  • Honesty
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration, 2020

    University of Florida

  • M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology, 2014

    Bar-Ilan University, Israel

  • B.A. in Psychology, 2011

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Post-Doctoral Fellow
Aug 2020 – Present

Two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Collaboration and Conflict Research Lab (CCRL), working with Dr. Laurie R. Weingart and Dr. Taya R. Cohen.

Research topics include:

  • Honesty in organizations (as part of the Honesty Project)
  • Navigating difficult conversations
  • Teasing in the workplace
  • Team Resilience Potential
Organizational Consultant
Jul 2013 – Jul 2015 Petah Tikva, Israel
Coordinated performance and satisfaction evaluation processes for 14 clients on a yearly and/or quarterly basis. Clients included companies in the high-tech, healthcare, auto and financial industries (e.g., banking, insurance and credit companies).

Recent Publications