Team Resilience Potential

Emerging research on work team resilience has begun to highlight the phenomenon in which teams succeed despite facing significant adversity. Work team resilience defined as a team’s capacity to bounce back from adversity-induced process loss, and includes examples of overcoming the loss of a key member, or a team which needs to navigate intra-team conflict.

Relative to resilience research at the individual and organizational levels, research on work team resilience is scant. Given this problematic gap which is especially important given the prevalence of teams in today’s workplaces, we (Diabes, Cooper, Gilboa, & Weingart, in data collection) build on recent calls to expand on our knowledge of team resilience and develop, validate and test a measure intended to capture team resilience potential.

First, based on interviews with employees in the education, financial and high-tech industries we developed and validated a measure for team resilience potential. Second, we are in the process of deploying a team study, evaluating the convergent and discriminant validity of our measure relative to other conceptually related constructs (e.g., TMS, psychological safety, conflict expression). Third, we will evaluate the predictive validity of our measure on objective ratings of performance.

Research Team: Diabes, M. A., Cooper, B., Gilboa, D., & Weingart, L. R.

Current Status: Data collection in progress, Target Journal - Journal of Applied Psychology

Binyamin Cooper
Binyamin Cooper
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

My research explores positive and negative interpersonal communication behaviors, and factors which may modify their impact on individuals and groups in organizations.